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Our Lab

Since 1980, Winter Springs Dental Lab, Inc. has been serving dental professionals nationwide with exceptional quality and personal service.


Our lab is meticulous in crown and bridge fabrication with a special expertise in ceramics, veneers and difficult cases. Full mouth restorations have been our distinct territory since we work with exceptional doctors who renew a smile everyday for ordinary people.

We are continuously improving and developing new methods and combinations to create stronger and long lasting crowns and bridges

that are lifelike in appearance. Each step is taken with the end product in mind and carefully tailored to meet all prescription requirements. We take pride in our work because we are improving and affecting thousands of smiles everyday even though we never met many of them.

Winter Springs Dental Lab brings confidence to your smiles with our comprehensive All–Ceramic System. We create your crowns, veneers, bridges and even onlays and inlays with digital precision using advanced new technology and the dental expertise of our technicians. We use the most advanced CAD/CAM system by Sirona InLab™ to create our restorations to the exact prescription of the dentists and special requests of the patients. Winter Springs Dental Lab joined CEREC Connect and is one of the first labs in the world’s largest digital dental network.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-952-5423
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Michael Black: Founder
Jay Black C.D.T.: Director

of Operations

Winter Springs Dental Lab, Inc.

1973 Longwood Lake Mary Rd

Longwood, FL 32750







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